Hi, I’m Mark woodsy Woods, and I love great design, technology, and making tings.

After my 80s UK band failed (well, we were all 16…) I followed a career in electronics, and 26 years later I’m working for ARM in the San Francisco Bay Area as IoT Architect in Marketing. I am also ARM Maker, working closely with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and microbit, as well as startups and the open source developer community.
My experience in engineering has been very wide – building ADSL routers, industrial controls, switched-reluctance motor control ASICs, set top box, as well as FPGA and SoC technical lead and consulting for ARM. As an embedded consultant, I also reworked and redesigned failing high-speed digital and EMC systems, such as industrial controls and an in-flight video server.

This is my personal blog where I share some of my projects.

I am organizer of the San Francisco Elegant Design Meetup – join us!